Tuesday, 17 February 2009

I spent today clearing the site for the workshop extension and jet washed the brick wall and concrete slab.Both the wall and slab were built sometime .The J type lived in this area for three years without moving so I had not had a chance to have a good clear up before. This should give me an extra 20' 0" x 18' 0" of workshop/storage space.
I have decided that it is about time I extended the workshop so I spent sometime last week at a demolition site salvaging timber and dragging it back home . I also got a roller shutter door (remote electrically operated) from the same site . The only down side is that I had to spend the week end de-nailing but overall very worth while . Now trying to find an economic source for corrugated iron roofing.
The new shockers have arrived £70 for a set of four
very good value I thought . If you need details of supplier contact Roland or me and we will pass on the phone number. I have not fitted them yet but I have fitted and painted the other other rear inner wing.

Monday, 9 February 2009

I have fitted and painted the new inner wing on one side with small spacers to allow the floor to be fitted later .
At the same time I have fitted new Stainless captive nuts with stainless bolts and re fitted the old wings after cleaning off the rust on the inside and giving them a quick coat of paint.I will take them off at a later date and restore them properly .I am keen to get the van back in a drivable state as soon as possible so that at least I will be able to move it in and out of the workshop to enable me to use the space for other things. Although today my Demolition contractor friend has come up with a lot of good timber so that I can extend the workshop so that might be the next project.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

NOW SOLD A few more photos of the new Minor Pickup this time in daylight.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Today a new addition to my stable I have just bought this 1972 Morris Minor pickup truck I have been looking for one for a while to use as my daily driver. It is as good as it looks and has obviously had a great deal spent on it ,it was kept on a farm locally and has only done 80 miles since its last MOT .It needs a new battery it wont hold a charge in this cold weather and the brakes feel like they have a bit of rust in the drums. More news on this later.

Sunday, 1 February 2009

I removed the drivers seat some time ago so while waiting for the new rear shockers (I have been promised some next week from a contact of Roland's) I stripped it and repainted it in black

The existing seat squab and back were put to shame and needed re covering. My wife Sally reminded me that she had some leather found in a skip, She like me is an ardent "salvager"
We looked it out, the choice of colours was a realy bright Pink, Bright Red, Mauve, Maroon and a Moss Green which I chose, I had already earmarked the Maroon for some retrimming on the MGA .

Sally set about cutting pattern peices marking cutting out the leather and sewing it together and within two houres both seat squab and back were re covered in leather Dont you think it looks fantastic ?

This week I was contacted by a friend who is involved demolition " What's that old van you got mate,I found some books on a site we just dun Morris I think " he dropped them round on Saturday morning . A 'J' Type hand book a JB Workshop manual and similar for a JU 250
Written inside both the 'J'type manual and handbook are
Eng.No. BP15JB/4/421 chassis No. JB/MR36543
anyone recognise these numbers ,if so I would be happy to do some kind of deal if you want to reunite them with your vehicle. I am doing some research into the joinery works that was demolished to find details of the company who once owned the JB Van'.