Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Rear Chassis
I have now finished cleaning the surface rust and crud from the rear half of the chassis and back axle along with the rear springs
and given them a coat of paint . I used Hammerite satin black I think it looks splendid. I have used it before with very good and long lasting results.
I have not used it on the springs as I think it is too thick I have just cleaned, de-rusted and lubricated them with vegetable oil it has always worked for me before.
New plywood floor and inner wings next . Still trying to find new shockers which I would like to fit before the new floor as access is much simpler. While trying to track them down I will clean the rest of the chassis each side and fit the new battery tray and re fit the fuel tank which I have flushed out and painted .I will make up a new fuel pipe at the same time as there is an old fracture joined by a small flexible section near to the tank although it has been like it for years with out any problem.

FOR SALE DISC BRAKE CONVERSION FOR MORRIS MINOR . Brand new everything you need using Ford discs and calipers (supplied ) with instructions.


Friday, 23 January 2009

Found this in the same box as the tax disc holder

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Found this Tax Disc and 'C' licence holder in a box of bits in my shed which I will fit when the vehicle is completed I must try and find an old 'C'Licence to put in it.

The new inner wings, battery tray and step tread plates were in the parcel that arrived yesterday

They are all very nicely made. After a bit of fine adjustment I have test fitted the inner wings ,at this point holding them in place with a few self tappers around the curved flange I will weld them later . I must get back to cleaning and painting the chassis and back axle first

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

An exciting parcel arrived this morning from Iain Mc Kenzie

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

I have now removed the rotten inner wings and while at it the floor although not rotten had some damage this will allow me to inspect, clean and repaint the chassis .I will also clean and paint the back axle,lubricate the rear springs and renew the shock absorbers.

You can also see the inside of the repair panels that I welded in along the bottom of the body on both sides a few years back this new access will allow these to be painted from the inside. The next job will be to remove the sliding door casing , you can see that I have already removed the interior rails both in preparation for an interior re paint

My Old J type has now left the back garden with its new owner lets hope we see it back on the road soon

ON THE BENCH JOBS: I have removed the heater ( yes a J type with a heater ) in order to rebuild it .Two of the mounting studs were broken one by me removing it the other was already broken. So I decided to make a repair rather than fabricate new ones by cutting of the broken section drilling and tapping out the remainder and inserting a stud of the correct length with a locking nut. see photo showing repaired stud top ,original stud middle and broken stud bottom.
The job was made easier by using my trusty Atlas Lathe. This could be done by hand if you don't have a lathe to hand.

After stripping down the heater and establishing that the heat exchanger coil as far as I can see is sound all the parts have been painted and await re assembly.
I found that the Heater Rheostat switch is broken which prevents it from working.I have found a new one on a Land Rover Spares web site but I think it is too expensive anyone out there got one?



You can't imagine how good that 24 hours was unless you were taking part .Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make it possible. I will get round to writing some captions later.